To Advance SMEs in Surabaya, UHW Perbanas Faculty Members Train in Writing Business Proposals

Thursday, 02 March 2023     View: 2441

"In 2023, it became a pivotal moment for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Indonesia to rise. This was stated by the Minister of Cooperatives and SMEs, Teten Masduki, through a press release in January. MSME products and local brands have the opportunity to dominate the domestic market due to disruptions in the global supply chain. In response to this moment, the Faculty Members Team of Hayam Wuruk Perbanas University took on the role of providing training and mentoring for MSMEs in Surabaya. Chairperson of the Community Service Faculty Members Team at UHW Perbanas, Chitra Laksmi Ritmaya, S.E., M.M., stated that the current focus of training is provided to dozens of MSME players in the Gunung Anyar Tambak Village, Rungkut Surabaya.

"There are currently 22 MSMEs receiving materials from UHW Perbanas lecturers. They come from various fields of business, including: culinary, service products, fashion, souvenirs, packaged foods, and others," said Chitra during the training session at Room C301 of UHW Perbanas Wonorejo Campus, on Thursday (March 2).

Throughout the observation, they encountered several challenges in advancing businesses. One of them is that MSMEs in Gunung Anyar Tambak Village have not been able to measure their financial strength. For example, determining the cost of goods sold, production profits, and simple business bookkeeping activities.
"Moreover, most of them have not utilized banking products and services, such as digital payment systems and access to financing from various loan options available," she explained.

The solution offered by UHW Perbanas is to provide training and mentoring for the local MSMEs' issues. They are also taught how to create proposals for microcredit applications, complete with the necessary supporting evidence.
"We have invited banking representatives who collaborate with Bank Syariah Indonesia KCP Surabaya Merr. From this activity, we hope that MSMEs in Gunung Anyar Tambak Village can be assisted and contribute to advancing their businesses," she concluded.

Meanwhile, Suprapti Nugraheni, one of the participants, acknowledged that this training is beneficial for managing the MSME she runs. "I am glad to receive this material. It's very beneficial," said the Coordinator of MSMEs in Gunung Anyar Tambak Village. (PR) 


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